How it Works

Thank you for your interest in our contests! If you sign up for our email list, we will send you 3 messages every day. The subject headers will often relate to offers from our sponsors that are featured in each message, but all of the messages will show they are from . Open each message and scroll down to find our daily contests.

3 Daily Questions

For the 3 messages we send to you every day

  • • First Message: Contains a link to our DAILY BRAIN TEASER CONTEST QUESTION.
  • • Second Message: Contains a link to our DAILY POLL CONTEST QUESTION.
  • • Third Message: Contains a link to our DAILY TRIVIA CONTEST QUESTION

All of the questions are multiple choice. The brain teaser will feature a problem involving math, logic, wordplay, or other puzzling challenges. The poll will relate to a current event or issue, or a variety of other topics. The trivia question will cover pop culture, history, science, sports, or any number of other areas of knowledge. You are entered to win each contest regardless of how you answer each question, and whether or not you answer it correctly.

Just do your best answering each question. For the brain teaser and trivia questions, it doesn't matter if you answer them correctly as far as being entered to win. Your account will track your scores every time you answer, so be sure to try to get them right (but no cheating!). Only you will see these scores. On the results page, you'll see what the correct answer is (for brain teasers and trivia questions), and statistics showing how all of our other users answered. There will also be explanations and comments for the answers and results, provided by us.

3 Daily Contests

Each of the daily questions that you answer before Midnight CST will enter you to win a $50 AMAZON.COM® * Gift Card that we give away for every day of the year, PLUS our annual $5,000 cash Grand Prize. That's 3 $50 daily prizes you can answer questions to win, PLUS 3 $5,000 prizes! Each time you answer a daily question for a contest adds an entry for you and increases your chances of winning that contest's Grand Prize. Answer as often as you can to get the best chances of winning the Daily and Grand prizes!


Official Rules

Here are the official rules for each of the contests:

Good luck on winning the prizes, and have fun!