Vocabulary Quizzes

Esoteric Words Quiz - 10 question quiz over words and origins of words related to the word "esoteric". I scored 8 out of 10, but would have been 9 out of 10 if I hadn't changed one of my answers. A good quiz for word nerds such as myself.

True or False Vocabulary Quiz - Quick 10 question multiple choice quiz. Most of the questions are pretty easy, but a couple may prove tricky for you. I missed 1, and am kicking myself!

Schmies Vocabulary Test - 200 item quiz that goes relatively fast because you choose "same", "opposite", or if you have no clue, "wild guess" for 200 pairs of words. A score of 165 or above likely puts you in the high gifted range (at least as far as vocabulary goes), but anything over 100 means that you at least did better than the average for guessing at random!

Name That Thing - Very quick timed 10 question visual vocabulary quiz that you can take multiple times, and it will give you a random set of quiz items each time. You are shown something, and have to choose the correct word for it. Pretty tough. I tended to score below the web average on this one, but see if you can outperform me!

Vocabulary Quiz - Very quick timed 10 question vocabulary quiz that you can take multiple times, and it will give you a random set of quiz items each time. Some of the words are fairly obscure. I think that this has a larger database of quiz items than Name That Thing (they're both from the same site) so you can take it more times and see repeats of items fewer times. I consistently scored above the web average on this quiz (below the average on Name That Thing). This quiz also gives you average scores by age group, and I also scored above all of those averages for this quiz. It would seem that I know my way around a dictionary much better than I do the outside world... see how you do on these 2. They are educational, fast, and interesting.

Deceptively Short Words for the GRE - These words are short, so should be easy, right? AHA - that's how they getcha! Don't be fooled! Try this 38 question quiz and learn these words if you don't know them already.

Real SATs Sentence Completion Vocabulary - At 100 questions this may be more than most will try, but I have taken it and some much longer quizzes, and it is excellent mental exercise as well as educational. If you find some time, I highly recommend it.

Words to Master for the SAT - A very good 50 question vocabulary quiz. Excellent for preparing for any exams like the SAT, but good for measuring and building your vocabulary while exercising your brain in any case.

SAT English: Adjectives to charm your instructor - Excellent 15 question vocabulary quiz.

Words that sound harsh, but mean something nice - Quick 13 question vocabulary quiz.

Vocabulary Quizzes From A to Z

Beehives and bear dens: Where do animals live? - An excellent little quiz to measure your vocabulary and knowledge.

SAT Vocabulary from The Hunger Games - Quick 15 question vocabulary quiz of words found in The Hunger Games and which commonly appear on the SAT.

The Ugliest Words on the SAT - A quick 25 question quiz. These words are U-G-L-Y... or may look that way to some. They are also necessary to know to have an educated vocabulary. So try this quiz, and remember... they're pretty on the inside.

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