Trivia Quizzes

M&M's Triva Quiz - Quick 10 question quiz to see what you know about the totally freakin' awesome candies known as M&M's. Did I mention that they are totally freakin' awesome?

Continents and Islands Map Quiz - An excellent map quiz. When you miss an item, it tells you the name of the location you selected; so you learn even when you are wrong, and then it is likely to ask you to find that location later, and when that happens you will now know where that location is. An outstanding learning tool!

Loch Ness Monster Quiz - Super quick 5 question quiz about Loch Ness and its Monster.

1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Modules Quiz - If you ever played the old school 1st Edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, this is a good quick 10 question quiz. I scored 9 out of 10, proving my nerdishness beyond any reasonable doubt. Even if you've never heard of these adventures, the questions and answer choices may interest you. These were some of the stories that captured my imagination as a kid.

Fourth of July Quiz - A quick 10 question quiz about the Declaration of Independence, the flag, the national anthem and the founding fathers. You are given the correct answer and an explanation immediately after you answer each question, and some of these contain true "groaner" puns, lol.

Serial Killers Quiz - Quick 9 question multiple choice quiz that gives you the correct answer and more information immediately after you answer each question. A creepy topic, but an excellent quiz. I answered 6 out of 9 correctly.

Book Publication Year Quiz - Quick 10 question multiple choice quiz to see if you know or can guess the year that 10 books were published. I only scored 6 out of 10, and the average is 5.1/10. See if you can beat us!

Paranormal Trivia Quiz - Quick 10 question trivia quiz over things paranormal.

Oceans Quiz - Quick 10 question quiz about Earth's threatened oceans and the organisms living within them.

Camping Quiz - Like some of you, we'll be camping soon, so this quick 20 question quiz covering what you know about camping may prove useful.

Cthulhu Mythos Trivia Quiz - Ever heard of H.P. Lovecraft or Cthulhu? He (and it) have been a huge influence on modern horror writers, filmmakers, and game designers. I scored 759 / 1000 with 9 out of 10 right, but had a couple of somewhat lucky guesses.

Horror Movie Quiz - Test your horror movie knowledge with 50 multiple choice questions. A great quiz!

Biblical Angels Quiz - Quick 10 question quiz that tests your knowledge of angels in the Bible. Note that this site gave me a couple of annoying popups, but once I closed them the quiz was enjoyable.

General Knowledge Quiz - Gives you a "General Knowledge Quotient" upon completion, with a table that shows how you ranked in comparison to others. 90 matching items and 10 ranking problems. If you can ace this you are all set to appear on Jeopardy!

Donut Mania Trivia Quiz - Only 10 questions. I scored 7 out of 10. And now I'm hungry for donuts!

Fast Food Restaurants Quiz - Ok, this is a good one. You have 6 minutes to type in as many of the world's 50 top selling fast food restaurants as you can. They provide categories (which can help to clue you in as to some that might be on their list) and accept some alternate names, and automatically credit your answer as soon as it is typed (don't have to hit "enter" or anything). I scored 24 and was correctly entering one that is on their list as time ran out - average score is 18. A great little quiz. Timer starts as soon as you land on the page, so be ready!

Mythical Creatures Quiz - Another great one, 4 minutes only, to type in 20 mythological creatures. I scored 15 but would have been 16 except that I kept slightly misspelling one. Average is 12. Timer starts as soon as you land on the page. See how many you can think of!

Ultimate Classic Toys Quiz - 20 question trivia quiz about classic toys that tells you whether you are correct or not after each that you answer, and provides an explanation (and the correct answer). Pretty tough, but provides great information.

Strange Phobias Quiz - Quick 10 question trivia quiz about phobias that tells you whether you are correct or not after each that you answer, and provides an explanation (and the correct answer). Pretty tough, but interesting and informative.

Wilderness Survival Quiz - 21 question quiz. Give it a try!

It's named blue, but means something else entirely - Quick 18 question quiz over some words and terms that include the word "blue".

True or False? - Very quick trivia quiz that you can take multiple times, and it will give you a random set of quiz items each time. Moderately tough. I scored above the web average on this one. Gives you the correct answer and an explanation immediately after you answer each question. Give it a try!

Zodiac Quiz - Take a time out to test your knowledge of the zodiac signs and more.

Famous artists and their paintings - If you're like me and aren't especially familiar with famous artists or artworks, you'll miss several of these 20 questions, but you should still give them a try. I've been working through the book 50 Artists You Should Know to improve my knowledge in this subject area.

Test Your Internet IQ - Pretty basic web stuff, and no, I didn't perform especially well on it. See if you can do better! A quick 10 question quiz.

Sherlock Holmes Quiz - Not being an expert on Sherlock Holmes I missed several of these, but still found it interesting. A quick 16 question quiz.

State capitals of the United States - An excellent 50 question quiz.

World Religions Quiz - Nice 10 question quiz that tells you whether you are correct or not immediately after you answer each question, and provides an explanation.

Monsters Quiz - What do you know about monsters? 10 question quiz that tells you if you are correct or not and provides an explanation right after you answer each item. Aside from question #1, this qualifies as a trivia quiz.

Vegetable Quiz - How well do you know your vegetables? Take this quick 10 question quiz to find out.

Internet Slang Quiz - Quick 10 question quiz to test your knowledge of internet slang. NOTE: Contains minor pr*f*n*ty (i.e. partly masked bad words).

Jack the Ripper Quiz - How much do you know about England's most notorious serial killer? Take our Jack the Ripper quiz to find out. Note: This is an excellent, short 9 question quiz that provides you with the correct answer and more information after you answer every question, but some of the details may be too gruesome for some, so you are warned.

Trivia Quizzes From A to Z

80's Movie Quote Quiz - 26 question multiple choice quiz. Pretty tough (I grew up in the 80's, saw a lot of movies, and still didn't know some of these). Don't be afraid to guess on the tough ones... you might be lucky and get them right!

Bible IQ Test I - Test your knowledge of the Bible.

Bible IQ Test II - Test your knowledge of the Bible. The test is fairly short (only 16 multiple choice questions), but much harder than Bible IQ Test I.

Brain Food Quiz - Which brain foods may help you think or boost your memory? A quick 7 question quiz.

Brand Prix IQ Test - What's your automobile brand IQ?

Christmas IQ Test - Good quick 18 question multiple choice test. Unfortunately not automated, so write your answers down somewhere and then click to score yourself.

Dog Breed Quiz - Use the following quiz to see how well you know your dog breeds.

General Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz - Try this quick 10 question Christmas movie trivia quiz. I had to guess on 2 of them, but still ended up with a perfect score!

Hamburger Quiz - How much do you know about hamburgers? A fun 6 question quiz.

Heist: A Movie Quiz - If Hollywood has glamorized any profession, it's the criminal. Match the movie heist mastermind(s) on the left to the score they tried to steal. A quick, fun, 12 question quiz.

Mexican Food Quiz - Scroll down the page a little to start this 21 question quiz. I'm no expert in this category (had to guess several times), but still scored 13/21 (above average for this quiz).

Mythology Quiz: Notable Greek gods and goddesses - Nice quick 17 question quiz. I scored 100%, but have read this book of mythology, which surely gave me an advantage.

Myths, Legends & UFOs - Are you interested in the paranormal? The mythological? The extraterrestrial? We'll see. Try this trivia quiz and assess your knowledge of the strrrrrrange!

Name the Nut Online Quiz - Quick 8 question multiple choice quiz in which you try to identify which nuts are pictured. I scored 7 out of 8.

Presidential Trivia Quiz - A fun 15 question quiz that gives you some interesting historical facts after you answer each question. Scroll down the page to find and start the quiz.

SAT-Type Math Quiz - This 10 question multiple choice test will measure your math knowledge and skills.

Science Fiction TV Quiz - A nice 10 question quiz that gives you the correct answer to any question you miss as you go. At the end it provides your final score and an assessment of your overall science fiction TV knowledge.

Science Knowledge Quiz - An excellent and very general quick 12 question test that shows you your score in comparison to the general population.

Slang Quiz: From Chutzpa to Top Gun - 43 questions, but it goes pretty fast. I scored 93%, but had to guess on a few of them. A great quiz!

Smart Marketing IQ Test - 20 multiple choice questions that will test 4 "brand intelligence areas". It's a fun test!

Sport Heroes of Our Times - The quiz contains questions about sport stars of the late 1990s until 2008. The athletes, featured in the quiz, set world records, won multiple gold medals or became legends in their disciplines. A quick 10 question quiz.

Test Your Geography Knowledge - The World (Oceans and Continents) - Quick 12 question quiz over the continents and oceans of the world. Maximum possible score is 36 points.

Trivia Quiz #1 (easy trivia) - Test your basic knowledge. The only drawback is that you have to start over if you miss a question.

True or False Science Quiz - You have 4 minutes to answer these 30 science questions true or false.

Winter Quiz - Aaah...winter: Snow, ice, and cold weather. Add some sports and science and you have some cool questions to test your winter knowledge. This quiz has 20 questions.

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