Fun Quizzes

Genius Quiz - 15 trick questions. I got all of them right, but have seen most of these before.

IQ Quiz - Quick 15 question fun "IQ" quiz that features trick questions that have been around for a while, but are still a lot of fun. It tells you if you have missed a question and gives you the right answer every time you are wrong, so if it says nothing, you can be sure you answered correctly. Maximum score is (IQ) 150.

Fun Quizzes From A to Z

Color Test - Only takes a few seconds. Your left brain and right brain will be fighting against one another... it's as fun as it is challenging!

Fighting Style Quiz - What fighting style best fits you? If you haven't ever actually taken martial arts, have you ever wandered what fighting style best fits you? A quick 6 question quiz.

How Well Would You Fare In A Zombie Attack? - Take this 10 question quiz to find out!


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